Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Them Forever

You know you got to do it
And you know there is nothing wrong
Be the canvas for creativity
Be your own freedom wall

No one can stop you
You dont let them come in your way
They dont understand and maybe never will
The beauty and essence of what you crave

You are a new skin now
And you got something to say
That is more important
Rather than becoming your own prey

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Murdered The Murdered Self (The While That I Hopefully Said It All)

While I had the guts to look
While they were still raw visible from roots
While I knew that there were still more
While I had forgotten about lore

While reason had turned it's back on me
While I could speak the words "I am sorry"
While I was running out of anyone to blame
While I admit that it was me who brought myself shame

While my guard had gone so weak and my pride was sore
While I could tell that my stories were such a bore
While I could no longer tolerate the pain of the consequences I deserve
While I knew the fact that I must not be heard

While I could still recognize my mistakes
While I could take the truth that I believe was fake
While I allowed myself to regret how I have been
While I could remind myself that I didnt have a dream

While I knew that I was powerless to stop
While I could no longer hold my demons up
While I could drain everything until there was nothing left
While I could define myself when I was someone else

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time And Beyond

It is true that only time can tell
And we have proven ourselves in time
Time has witnessed how we've made it this far
And only the end of time can tear us apart

We never felt that we've served time
But time served us the moments we've shared
Moments that made us even stronger
Making time like it was never there

Time has been more of a friend than a foe
A conspiracy of forces we'll never know
We have patiently waited for this to arrive
And now, we are going to be together for life

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tartar Sauce

I'm just on the other side
And I can see all of you from here
I have drawn myself so far
Far from where I'm supposed to be near

I get relief just by wandering this place
Such a grace to walk in a bare face
No masks and fake smiles to keep
Just myself in my wasted sheets

Loud laugh and a constant snarl
Every time I am reminded of you all
This is my place and I am here to stay
Pulling me out of here is way too late

Soiled lifestyle and rotten dreams
Cobwebs occupying the lonely beams
Filth and craziness were tagged along
Foul smell of anything good went wrong.